Our mission - Risk management, business intelligence, security services

Fighting business crime

Datacor provides professional managed investigations and loss control services, striving to be innovators and leaders in commerce and industry in all aspects of all our services.

Professional approach

Datacor’s approach to your business challenges a conservative, professional and prepared response.

Specialists in our field

Our reputation demands that each specialist reflects professionalism, loyalty, integrity, reliability and a continual source of pride.

37 years combined experience

Our business unit is efficiently driven and supported by permanent secretarial staff and investigators with more than 37 years combined experience. Our clients ultimately enjoy the results and operational ability of Francois van Wyk, Sidney Lottering and Marius Maritz.

Our Commitment

Providing results

We are convinced that our clients will benefit from our commitment in providing results of quality standards, to which our valued clients are entitled.

Success our only option

The yardstick of our success can only be measured by the results that Datacor delivers.

A breakdown of our services

Risk Management

Holistic, centralized approach

The diversity of today’s products, the complexity of the new technology and the sweeping changes to the very nature of business, all make a holistic, centralized approach to Risk Management, a necessity for the modern corporation.

Accurate appreciation of risks, exposures and controls

An accurate appreciation of risks, exposures and controls is critical to effectively managing risk in today’s dynamic global business environment. Using our recommended Risk Management services will put you on track with this critical aspect of strategic management by facilitating identification, evaluation and control of current and future risks, loss exposures and processes relating to:

  • Physical security audits
    • Asset tracking
    • Access control systems
    • Perimeter protection
    • Surveillance systems
    • Fire detection
    • Evacuation systems
    • Central control room integration/ monitoring systems
  • Development of a Business Recovery plan, Procurements, Installation and integration of all the above Systems
  • Integration of these Systems into a network as Management tools
  • Physical Risk Management Audits, Upgrading and maintenance
  • Occupational Health & Safety Compliance Audit

Business intelligence


Our multi-skilled informers are placed in organizations around the country with a specific brief to infiltrate and successfully identify sources of loss and irregularities, thus providing our clients with reliable information on which to make informed business decisions.

Information extraction

We have developed a solid network of informers in most areas of trade and industry which allows us to rapidly validate information received. Datacor contractual informers are individuals from diverse backgrounds with both operational and professional experience.

Undercover agents

These informers traditionally operate from within the workforce on a casual or semi-permanent basis. This ensures that the informer outwardly appears to be a bona fide employee. All aspects of the informer’s employment relationship are exactly the same as those of our client’s permanent staff.

Factual debriefing reports

Information gathered from the debriefing of informers are forwarded to the client on a weekly basis, reflecting the progress of the investigation. The reports contain factual observations, recommendations and proposals for further operational planning.

Proactive operations

We perceive an undercover operation to be an 'information gathering process' whereby, collectively, we can be proactive and not reactive.

Security Services

Professional, efficient security services

We believe that, with our size, management strength and commitment, diversity and our combined expertise, we at Datacor are confident that a professional and highly efficient security service will be provided by means of a close association with independent Security Companies, who will guarantee the following:

  • Guarding
  • Security Assessments and Evaluation
  • Manpower Selection and Advanced Training (Loss Control)
  • Detailed Site and Security Portfolio
  • Deployment of Trained Loss Control and Security Personnel
  • Qualified Site and Liaison Management
  • Constant Evaluation and On-The-Job-Training
  • Site Induction
  • Security Supervision

Our specialized services

  • Infiltration of Undercover Agents
  • Debugging and Electronic Security
  • Electronic Surveillance and Counter-Surveillance
  • Physical Surveillance and Productivity Monitoring
  • Performing Civil and Criminal Investigations into Fraud and Other Financial Misconduct
  • Commercial Background Clearances
  • Patent, Copyright and Trademark Infringement Assignments
  • Restraint of Trade Infringement Assignments
  • Polygraph Examinations
  • Protection Services
  • Fraudulent Medical Investigations
  • Risk Management
  • Scientific Handwriting Analysis
  • Fraudulent Medical Investigations
  • Specialized Security Services
  • Assistance with Disciplinary Enquiries, CCMA, etc
  • Occupational Health & Safety Compliance Audit

Please contact us for more information on additional services.
Services are tailored to address each client’s individual needs.


He is safe from danger when on guard, even when safe...
- Publilius